the day my husband's car exploded...

Let me preface this post by saying my husband is okay, everybody is unharmed and safe and very thankful for the outcome.  and now I can continue by saying that his car just spontaneously caught on fire and exploded this morning on his way to work.  I cried, I laughed, I cried more, I got hysterical, I prayed, I hugged my husband, I paced around the house looking for something to do... "who does this happen to?!" I asked.  My husband said it happens a lot.  I have yet to know a person who this has happened to!!!

We are sentimental people.  Of course I am most thankful that my husband escaped unharmed and okay and safe, but we are going to miss that little car.  It wasn't overly showy or expensive, it had a crappy paint job, but man it was fun.  It smelled like a man car.  I drove it many times when I was pregnant because I loved the smell of tires.  We went on so many dates with the top down and radio up, wind in our hair, Switch's head out the window with his ears flying back.  I took him to the drive in movies once for his first father's day when Emma was in my tummy.  We took it to a fancy expensive hotel downtown for our anniversary one year.  It wasn't the car, it was all the memories.  and fire is a powerful thing, it just takes everything away very fast.  

Here's how I would like to remember that little red car.  Emma pretending to drive it last Easter right before Zoey was born (it was parked, obviously).  I had a post about preschool ready, but maybe I'll post that tomorrow.  Today was just a tough day on our hearts.  A scary day and a stressful day.  and a thankful day.


Heather said...

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Arnold Brame said...

Hey Cindy, I find that experience very horrifying. Thanks to God that nobody was hurt. I wonder why there is no precaution on things like cars to prevent them from exploding. Nowadays, even mobile phones are also exploding. By the way, what cute things do you make and sell?

Arnold Brame
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