Summer Weeding

I am an overly ambitious (very amateur) gardener with very little time.  This equals a messy, beautiful, colorful disaster in my yard.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is to visit Lowes with our girls, look at all the beautiful flowers, and then head straight to the back of the garden section where all the half dead discounted plants are.  GOLD.  Pure gold.  We load our cart up and spend a fourth of what they would cost otherwise, and then plant all that week.  Some die.  Some flourish.  Some just hang out and can't make their minds up.  It's fun.  It gets us all in the yard together.  It keeps us busy.  :) as if we needed that...

Today I was weeding along our driveway for the 39472th time.  We are not a fan of the rocks that run along both sides of the driveway, but mulch isn't in the budget or calendar for this year.  I was looking for an affordable way to keep those weeds out, and I've heard about the newspaper method, so that's what I'm doing.  It's nothing fancy, basically you just put 9 pieces of newspaper down, and then your rocks or mulch on top.  It's a neat way to recycle and use what you have on hand.  I will report back how it's working.  :) It is hard work, but worth the investment in our yard.  I love to take care of our little house.  I am a blessed woman.

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