Skirt Update!

Can I talk about these skirts for a minute?  I wanted a serger for years just so I could chop up shirts and make new things out of them.  It took me two years to pull my serger out of the box because I was so intimidated by it.  I'm nearly ashamed to admit that, because once I learned how to thread it, I haven't stopped using it.  We are constantly going to the thrift store to look for new shirts to make these skirts with.  :) I have cut into hundreds of shirts to come up with the fabric combinations I need to make these.  They are lightweight, they twirl perfectly, and the waistband fits many sizes of toddlers & girls!  They are my favorite things to make (currently) and today I updated my shop with 8 new skirts :) I hope you love them as much as I do!

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