Skirt Sale FAQ

It is hard to share even a little bit of information on Instagram, so I thought I'd make a little blog post to share about my skirt sale!  First of all, it will be on this Sunday night.  I will start listing the skirts right at 8 PM EST.  Some of the designs I've shared a preview of have been super popular (Minnie Mouse, Foofa, Lalaloopsy) and I want to give everybody a fair chance at snagging them for their daughters :) so if you're interested, be on you account at 8!

A tiny bit earlier in the evening I will list a few things like hair clips, owls & tooth fairy pillows.  I am super excited to share the things I've made with you!  I've been working like crazy all week.  It's really fun :) I want to answer some questions I've been asked lately:

Can I get a discount for buying two skirts?  I wish I could, but I think for the time and effort and money that I've invested in them, I think I sell these fairly cheap :) but I do appreciate people who support my business in such a generous way, and I always try to include something extra in the package when it arrives to you!

I need a (insert character here) skirt by next week!  I don't buy the shirts that I use to make these skirts new because it would be too costly, and so I have to go about sourcing it in other creative ways.  When I take my girls out shopping, we're not really sure what we're going to find.  I always try to keep my eyes open to what is popular, or what people have asked for.  If you have a request, let me know and I will add it to my list!

... but I really need that skirt for her party!  If you have a shirt that you would like turned into a skirt, we can absolutely do that.  I can take $4 off the price of the skirt for you.  Send me a message and we can work that out!

Do you have another of this skirt?  It sold but I really love it.  Each skirt is one of a kind and absolutely unique.  and chances are there could never be another identical to it.  But I could try :)

How do I purchase on Instagram?  Leave your name and email address as a comment on the photo of the item you'd like to purchase.  If you are the first to do so, I will send you an invoice.  I ask that invoices be paid within 24 hours so I can start the shipping process.  It's super easy!

What size does this fit?  I use a rib knit fabric waistband on my skirts.  It's a bit like a stretchy yoga waistband.  I really like it because it allows these skirts to fit a wide variety of sizes.  When it comes to my daughter's clothes, I love love love it when she can wear something over a number of years.  Skirts are perfect because it can start off as a longer twirly skirt, and end up as a cute skirt to wear with leggings!  I offer three different sizes of skirts, and each skirt will specify the waistband length & skirt length.

TINY: waistband is 16 inches relaxed, __ inches long, will fit babies 12 months & up :)
SMALL: waistband is 16 inches relaxed, 11 inches long, will fit 2T & up! (I'd say to size 6)
MEDIUM: waistband is 18 inches relaxed, 13 inches long, will fit 3T & up! (I'd say to size 7/8)

How do I wash this?  I wash my daughter's skirts on cold, and toss in the dryer with all her other clothes, and they wash super well.  They are just shirts, after all :)

Thank you for your interest :) My family is feeling super excited and super blessed by our adventure here.  Emma has helped me with the packages, Zoey has helped me by actually taking a few naps this week, my husband has been an amazing support by supplying me with Coke, Dr Pepper, late night serger emergencies, lots of encouragement, and on Sunday night we will be excited & ready to give one of these skirts away!

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ijkpmom said...

If I dont have instagram how do I order through you? My email is melanieproebstel@yahoo.com. I love the idea of two of my daughters wearing your items at their other sister's birthday.

Melanaie Proebstel (also on facebook)