Happy 1st Birthday, Zoey!

My baby turned 1 on May 24th. I knew how fast the first year passes because it went by in a flash with Emmabelle, but it's harder to believe that with your second child, it passes by even FASTER. After a kind of insane and traumatic pregnancy, adjusting to life with a baby and an almost 3 year old was easier than dealing with a toddler and being on bedrest, but it was still a big year for our family. We wanted to celebrate in a big way!
A fun thing with Zoey was to carry over some traditions that we did with Emma on her first birthday. We started by going to Build A Bear and letting Zoey pick out a stuffed animal to make. Emma picked out a gray kitty on her birthday, and Zoey looked down the row of various deflated plushies and finally decided on the blue pony at the very end :) it was fun to let Emma help fluff it, they both got to make a wish on two little red hearts, and we appropriately named her pony "Miracle" (Emma's kitty is named "Sprinkle") :) We don't do this for every birthday, but it's definitely something we will do for our next child on his or her first birthday.
We had 30 of our closest family and friends over for a big owl celebration. I made 4 dozen cupcakes, a special owl smash cake for the birthday girl, a crockpot full of chicken BBQ, a seemingly endless supply of grapes, strawberries & pineapple, and 3 tubs of ice cream. Oh, and Kool Aid squeezy drinks at Emma's request. Emma & Zoey's great-grandma gifted Zoey with a "celebration of life" present (I'm not even kidding -- a rollercoaster, a tropical island paradise water table, a swingset, a teeter totter... am I forgetting anything? oh, and a picnic table! WITH an umbrella, of course!) so we set the backyard up with all of the toys and watched the kids go wild. I played the Fresh Beat Band Pandora station and we just had the best time. None of the kids wanted to leave, and if I wasn't so tired after all of the party planning I would have kept them all to play, because it was so much fun to watch them have fun!
Never before have we had that many people over at our house, but it was a blessing. It was nice to be surrounded by people that we love, and people who love us. I was happy to watch my girls play with their little friends (there were 8 other children all under the age of 5 over!) It was a fabulous time and a memory we won't ever forget. Happy Birthday, Zoey Clementine! :)


Miss Vink said...

So cute and colourful.. love it!

Wenni Donna said...

Zoey and my daughter Bella share their birthdays! And Zoey’s smile is absolutely precious. The party looks very lively and those cupcakes are beautiful. Bella will soon be having a wonderful birthday party and we have booked a wonderful venue NYC. It’s going to be her 7th birthday and we hope to enjoy just as much as you guys in these pictures.