Emmabelle's Parties :)

I guess unofficially (or officially, now that I've said it!) it's PARTY WEEK here on my blog to celebrate the fact that I got the urge to start documenting my creative endeavors and adventures here again!  Since I blogged about Zoey's big owl party yesterday, maybe I can do a recap of Emma's birthday parties today.  I really have fun throwing my girls themed birthday parties.  Usually it's just our family because our house can't fit many more people than that inside.  Emma's birthday is in November and so having an outdoor party really isn't an option.

For Emma's first birthday party, we decorated everything in pandas :) Her nickname was panda and so that was just what I went with.  Of course there was nothing panda themed in the party stores so I had to do it myself.  Her cake was a bear cake mold and took 3 tubes of black icing to pipe all of the dots that became his ears, arms and legs.  She was COVERED in black icing.  The panda cake was all for her, everybody else got cupcakes :) It was so much fun decorating everything special for her.  I know that she wouldn't remember it at all, but I hope she looks back on the pictures and sees how celebrated she was :)

Emma's second birthday was Minnie Mouse themed.  We were fresh off of our Disney vacation and she was in love!  I was on bedrest for this birthday and we had to push it back a weekend and because of that some people couldn't make it.  My mom and my SIL came over to decorate and then we just celebrated in our living room so I wouldn't have to get up.  It was important to me that she still had her big celebration.  I made mouse cupcakes by cutting Oreo cookies in half, sticking tiny Oreo cookies on top of them using toothpicks, and just sticking it on the cupcake.

Finally, this past year we celebrated her third birthday with a Sweet Frog party!  Sweet Frog is a locally owned frozen yogurt buffet.  It's Emma's favorite.  She wanted to go there for her party, but instead we just brought it to us.  I decorated cupcakes like frogs and did everything up in pink and green (and blue, because that is her favorite color).  The generous people at the corporate office gave us a sleeve of the bowls they use at the restaurants so we could have them for her party!  It was the best.  We bought a bunch of different ice creams and then had a mini topping buffet.  I tried to get unusual toppings like cereals, gummy bears, nerds, etc.

Party week continues!... thank you for reading about Emma's parties.  I spend so much time creating things for other children, it is special to get to create for mine :) :) :)

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